Hết Vé Miễn Phí Xem Phim về chiến tranh Việt Nam (Ride The Thunder) Cưỡi Ngọn Sấm

There was a limited number of free tickets, and they were all spoken for and mailed out. Regrettable, there are no more. Mike

Thưa Quý Vị, Quý NT và CH….

Nếu Quý Vị muốn tham dự buổi chiếu phim Ride The Thunder (Cưỡi Ngọn Sấm),
ngày Chủ Nhựt 29 tháng 5 lúc 10 giờ 30 sáng tại:

G.I. Film Festival
Angelika Film Center at Mosaic
2911 District Ave
Fairfax VA 22031.

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Washington, D.C

Kính chuyển để loan báo cho đồng hương đến xem phim về chiến tranh Việt Nam Ride The Thunder ngày Chủ Nhựt 29 tháng 5 lúc 10 giờ 30 sáng tại
G.I. Film Festival
Angelika Film Center at Mosaic
2911 District Ave
Fairfax VA 22031.

Xin liên lạc với
Ông Mike Benge
(703) 698-8256 – bengemike@aol.com
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Ride the Thunder during GI Film Festival in Angelika Film Center at Mosaic on Sunday, May 29th at 10:30 am

SOURCE: Mike Benge

Please spread the word about the tickets for Ride the Thunder.

Please spread the word within the Vietnamese community about the tickets, at no cost, to Ride the Thunder. Mike.

As part of the GI Film Festival, the film “Ride the Thunder” will be shown on Sunday, May 29th @10:30 am. If you want me to get you tickets, let me know immediately, or you can get tickets directly by contact sender @ rlobster@surewest.net The trailer for “Ride the Thunder” can be found @


“Ride The Thunder” is based on the true heroic story of a friendship between American Marine Legend, John Ripley and Vietnamese Hero, Marine Lê Bá Bình. Untold story of how Vietnamese Marines and their US advisers fought valiantly, turning the tide of an unpopular war and actually winning – while Americans 8,000 miles away were being fed only one version of the story.

Focusing on three Marine heroes – Colonel John W. Ripley, USMC, Lieutenant Colonel Gerald Turley, USMC and Vietnamese​TQLC ​

Lieutenant Colonel ​
Lê Bá Bình – Botkin tells the real history of the Vietnam War with the grainiest of detail he captured through scores of interviews and thousands of hours of tireless research in Vietnam, Cambodia and the US. Highly readable and thoroughly researched, Ride the Thunder profiles numerous American and Vietnamese warriors who sacrificed themselves and their families in the pursuit of freedom. Many paid the ultimate price in the effort to keep their country free of communism.

Reporters would fly into the combat base just long enough to film Marines being shelled and ducking for cover before flying out again to safe areas. Focusing only on dying US soldiers, the American media refused to cover the atrocities committed by the Communists against their own people. Despite thes horrors and the fact that the South Vietnamese were fighting desp
​e​rately for their fledgling democracy the 93rd Congress pulled the plug on all US support and funding.

Even though the American troops were winning on the ground, it was the media and politicians, not warriors, who decided the outcome of the war.