Happy Birthday Sakya Muni Buddha 2018

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Buddhist Calendar 2642, May 1, 2018



Dear Darhma Ladies and Gentlemen,

On April 15, 2642 of the Luna calendar ago at the majestic site of Lumbini grove, Udumbara and other flowers bloomed and gentle rains fell. Although out of season, heavenly music was heard, delicious scents filled the air, all welcoming Sakya Muni Buddha. He, who was born on the path, lived on the path, and passed away on the path. In essence, this is an expression of his never-ending love and compassion for all beings. In celebration of Buddha’s birthday, millions of Buddhists will pay their respects to the Buddha. We must also remember on this special occasion to vow to find our “True Self” and to practice this with the same impelling spirit as Buddha had in wanting to save all sentient beings. The following program will be celebrated at the Van-Hanh Center, 7605 Bull Run Dr., Centreville, VA 20121 (phone: 703-968-8460):

* 05/27/2018, Sunday at 11:00a.m CEREMONY OF SAKYA MUNI BUDDHA’S BIRTHDAY

* Morning prayers to Buddha, hoping to bring bright days filled with compassion, wisdom, healthy, and happiness.

* Cleansing of the Buddha, washing our sins and vowing to find our “True Self” and to practice with the same impelling spirit as Buddha.

* Afternoon celebration, enjoy the luncheon to celebrate Buddha’s birthday.

Buddha, who travelled all over the world and guided all beings to follow the right path of living lives. Buddha descended to the sentient world, providing benefits, comforting the people, and to deliver sentient beings away from their suffering. We must have the wisdom to help all those who are suffering in accordance with the needs of the present day and age as the Buddha did in prescribing medicine, according to the nature of the person’s sickness. Let us be strong in our intent in practicing what the Buddha taught us all, that all sentient beings can live a life leading them on the path of enlightenment. Let us strive together to make Buddha’s birthday a day to search for our true selves by practicing the way of the Bodhisattva.

For enduring the progression throughout the ceremony, we would like to invite Buddhists coming to Van-Hanh Center for celebration of Buddha’s birthday, prayers for our glorious Ancestors, Vietnamese and American warriors, our deceased Relatives and any other who we hold dear.

Namo Happiness Maitreya Buddha

Most Venerable Sakya Tri-Tue