MAUVSA Advance Conference VI: Making Waves

Theo tin Mid-Atlantic Union of Vietnamese Student Associations (MAUVSA)

Theo tin Hội

The MAUVSA Advance Conference seeks to bring together over 300 young adults from Vietnamese-American communities around the Mid-Atlantic region for the purpose of empowering these individuals with the right tools to become successful leaders in society.

This year’s conference theme is “Making Waves”, which plays on the idea that even a small ripple can start a huge wave. MAUVSA hopes that our conference program this year will encourage attendees to realize that we can all be change-makers and impact our communities in large ways, no matter how small the action or the role that we take on.

This three-day conference is packed with engaging keynote speakers, popular entertainment, and invaluable networking opportunities. In addition, a series of insightful workshops will be offered for attendees to choose from, based on their areas of interest. Some of the workshops offered during past conferences include leadership styles exploration, entrepreneurship, project management, and even traditional lion dancing.

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