Herndon Voter Information for 2016 November Election

Theo nguồn tin trên mạng của thành phố Herdon

Town Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Polling locations for town elections correlate with locations for national elections, which are also held that day.

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Candidates for the 2017-2018 Term

Office of Mayor:

  • Lisa C. Merkel, current Mayor 
  • Jasbinder Singh, current Councilmember

Six Town Council Seats:

  • Jennifer K. Baker, current Vice Mayor
  • Jeffrey L. Davidson
  • Signe V. Friedrichs
  • Connie H. Hutchinson
  • David “Dave” A. Kirby, current Councilmember
  • William J. “Bill” McKenna
  • Sheila A. Olem, current Councilmember
  • Roland B. Taylor
  • Grace Han Wolf, current Councilmember

Voter Registration
Residents of the Town of Herndon who are eligible but not registered to vote must do so by October 17, 2016 to vote in the town election. Options to register:

  • online registration, by 11:59 pm on October 17, 2016, or
  • return a completed application postmarked or delivered by 5 pm on October 17, 2016 to the General Registrar, 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 323, Fairfax, Virginia, 22035-0081

Voter registration forms are also available in the Town Clerk’s office. 

Absentee Ballot 
Qualified voters may apply for an absentee ballot:

  • by mail, submit absentee ballot applications to the Fairfax County Office of Elections no later than 5pm on November 1, 2016. (The registrar’s office highly recommends submitting applications well prior to the deadline, due to timeliness issues with USPS mail delivery.)
  • in person, absentee ballot applications may be obtained at the Fairfax County Office of Elections. Applications are available at county government centers, libraries, and the Town Clerk’s office

In-Person Absentee Voting
Begins at the Fairfax County Government Center on September 23 and ends at 5pm, November 5.

To determine if you are eligible to vote absentee, visit the Office of Elections website.

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 Town Election FAQs


Sept. 27, 2016

Voters in the Town of Herndon will vote for mayor and town council on Election Day, Nov. 8. Here is what you should know if you are a registered voter in Herndon:

You will vote at your regular November polling place.
Only voters in Precinct Herndon #2 will vote at the Herndon Community Center.
Voters assigned to Precinct Herndon #1 will vote at Herndon Elementary School.
Voters assigned to Precinct Herndon #3 will vote at Herndon Middle School.
You will receive one ballot, which includes:
Town of Herndon candidates.
President and vice president candidates.
Member of U.S. House of Representatives candidates.
Two Virginia proposed constitutional amendments.
Meals Tax referendum question. (Although it is on your ballot, the Fairfax County meals tax would not apply to sales inside the town of Herndon.)
Three bond referendum questions.
Review your sample ballot:
English language version
Spanish language version
Check your voter registration status and your poll location.
The deadline to register to vote or update your voter registration is Oct. 17.
For more information:
Visit: www.fairfaxcounty.gov/elections
Call: 703-222-0776
Email: voting@fairfaxcounty.gov