Foster Care and Adoption Information Meeting October 10 for Prospective Foster Parents

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WHAT: Foster Care and Adoption Information Meeting Oct. 10 for Prospective Foster Parents

WHEN: October 10, 2017 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm

WHERE: Martha Washington Library, 6614 Fort Hunt Road, Alexandria, VA


We welcome prospective parents the second Monday of each month (7 – 8:30 p.m.).
If the second Monday is a federal holiday,we meet on the third Monday.

Who are these children?

There are children in Fairfax County who . . .

Have their worlds turned upside down
Need a safe haven during difficult times
Need a foster home due to abuse or neglect
Range in age from infant to 18
Come from diverse backgrounds
Have experienced devastating losses of family and identity
They search for a sense of belonging
Have their confidence and feelings of self-worth shattered
Are frightened and alone.
Get to know some of the wonderful children available for adoption through the Department of Family Services.

What do they need?

Foster and adoptive parents
Stable, nurturing homes
Someone in their corner
To learn to trust again
Day-to-day guidance
Support from loving adults.
What is the Foster Care and Adoption Program?

Today, over 200 Fairfax County children are in foster care. The Foster Care and Adoption Program offers placements for these children and services to help their families. When a child cannot return home safely, we seek adoption or other permanent placement.

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