The God of Fortune ceremony by Hội Tâm Linh Học Virginia

Theo tin Vienna Trang Huynh, Hội Tâm Linh Học Virginia.

WHAT: The God of Fortune ceremony

WHEN: Sunday, February 17, 2017 at 30 PM

WHERE: 7020 Hickory Hill Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

The God of Fortune ceremony is one of the major holidays celebrated by the Association for Research in Metaphysics and only held during the Lunar New Year. This is a privilege that the Holy Spirit gives to the Association to bring luck to the community and at the same time bring spiritual benefits to those destined.
The God of Fortune is worshiped in business establishments and sometimes in Asian family homes. He is known as a divine being, able to grant luck, fortune, career advancements, and many other blessings.
So, how does the God of Fortune ceremony work? How does the God of Fortune himself give blessings to everyone?
The God of Fortune will borrow the body of a guest in attendance to give out blessings to the attendees. If you want to be chosen by the God of Fortune, participants must sincerely pray and are ready for the God of Fortune to borrow their body. This will be explained in further detail during the ceremony.
The person chosen by the God of Fortune will be the luckiest person in the ceremony, and will be blessed throughout the entire year. Not only that, but the person’s family will also be blessed throughout the year.
With many years of experience in performing this ceremony, we know whether the God of Fortune has chosen an individual or not. People who are chosen by the God usually has different feelings; sensations of hot flashes, faster heartbeats, and an excitement to get up, dance or bow. Sometimes there are also older Gods that are much slower, but the purpose is to give blessings to those destined to receive. The person who is chosen by the God will still be aware of everything that is happening, but the only difference is that he/she cannot control his/her body.
On the altar, there are carefully wrapped gifts, fruits, red envelopes, and flowers all donated by the members of the Association. Each gift has its own meaning, and everyone who receives a gift is destined to receive that gift. Those in attendance are able to join in on the fun by clapping, asking the God himself for the gifts, but all actions must be in sincere respect, respecting the God and his presence.
After the God of Fortune is finished handing out blessings, the master of the ceremony will perform rituals for the God of Fortune to leave. At this time we will ask everyone to stand up, pray, and thank the God of Fortune.
Lastly the Association would like to wish you and your family a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year. We cordially invite you and your friends to attend this spiritual event during the Lunar New Year to experience this metaphysical phenomena not found anywhere else.
A.R.M Virginia