Thang Long Spring Fest 2017

Theo tin Trường Việt Ngữ Thăng Long

SOURCE: Thang Long Vietnamese Language School

Dear Parents,

Thang Long Spring Fest is here on March 11, 2017. We keep organizing the annual Spring Fest to remind children about an important trait of Vietnamese tradition and culture. This is also a chance for all of us to mingle and connect. We hope the memories of annual Spring Fest will stay with you for a long time.

We encourage traditional Vietnamese outfit for the Spring Fest. Please arrive 15 minutes early so the program can start on time.

09:30 Dragon Dance Opening
09:45 Flag Ceremony – Grade 6
09:50 Welcoming Remarks, Guest Introduction, Announcement of scholarship grant from Petrus Ký Alumni Association, Announcement of Dương Thị Kim Tiếng Scholarship from Suong Nguyet Anh Alumni Association
10:15 Entertainment Program
Kindergarten Chúc Tết
You Gave Me Spring – Nguyên Ý, Nguyên An, Grade 7
Tết in my homeland – Grade 2
Parents Love – Thiên An Huỳnh, Grade 3
Chúc Tết và Sớ Táo Quân/Kitchen God Skit – Grade 4
Lý Ngựa Ô / Song of the Black Horse – Brian Vũ, Grade 1
*** Introduction of Library Program by Grade 6
Piano Time Frost – Bảo Châu, Grade 3
Comedy Standup – Hà Trọng Nhân, Grade 7
Castle on the Hill – Nina Uyên Lâm, Grade 7
We are Vietnamese – Grade 3
Land of the South – Grade 6
Thang Long Got Talent Winner Announcement
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Games
13:30 Cleanup and Closing