Trung Thu Festival 2019 Kickoff Meeting

Theo tin Quang Le & Long Nguyen

Hi Folks,

Thanks much for the feedback on the meeting spaces and your availability. I can feel the positive energy and affection for our festival. Base on feedback, I think meeting Sunday July 21st would work best for most people since some are out of town the weekend of 7/13-4/14. Below is the meeting date, time and location for the kick-off meeting. Please note that we would only have two months from our kick off meeting to the festival for organization. I will send out an agenda before the meeting. We’ll go over the new space at Kenmore, estimated budget, coordinator positions and future meeting dates. Hope to see you all on the Sunday, 21st of July.

Date & Time: Sunday, 7/21/19. 12:45 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Mason District Gov’t Center
6507 Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA 22003

We can bring snacks and drinks to this location. I will bring trash bags. We’ll need some time to arrange/put back the table and sets before and after the meeting.

Best Regards,

Hi Folks,

I want to share with you all some exciting news about our Trung Thu Festival for 2019. After a brief respite, I am now working with VietKids DC, a 501-C3 Arlington base non-profit to bring back our Trung Thu Festival. Together, we’ve secured Kenmore Middle School gym for this year’s festival. We’ve even picked a date of September 22nd, 2019. I would like to call for a kick off meeting to re-acquaint everyone on our children’s festival as I’m sure there will be plenty of familiar as well as new faces. I’m looking at the weekend of July 13th or 14th. I will let you know of the precise time/date and meeting space in the near future.

By the way, if anyone knows of a good meeting space that can accommodate about 10-20 people, please let me know. I would like to book this space for the upcoming meetings between next week and our festival. I hope to see you all very soon.