“Selfies” while voting in Fairfax county of Virginia

Theo nguồn tin trên email của quận Fairfax

Neil Schlussel : I saw that the courts now allow “selfies” while voting. What restrictions are there on what they can Photograph in the selfie? How are we to police this new activity?

Gary Scott :

The use of electronic devices inside the polling place is generally permitted, i.e., voters may take “selfies.” The Election Officers, however, may restrict the use of the device (camera) if it hinders, delays or disrupts the voting process or if it is used to intimidate another individual. Poll Watchers are prohibited from taking photos. IVAC20-60-30.


Under Public Comments, FCDC confirmed that photo ID will be provided in all satellite
locations on Saturday, February 27, 2016. When asked about how to respond to ballot “selfies”, Ms. Flaig responded that the instruction provided to the Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs was to allow them as long as the voter taking the selfie does not violate Va. Code 24.2-604(D) [It shall be unlawful for any…voter, or any other person in the room, to

(i) hinder or delay a qualified voter;

(ii) give, tender, or exhibit any ballot, ticket, or other campaign material to any person;

(iii) solicit or in any manner attempt to influence any person in casting his vote;

(iv) hinder or delay any officer of election; or

(v)otherwise impede the orderly conduct of the election.]

Finally, FCDC suggested that the Electoral Board reinforce the Bipartisan Commission’s recommendation and again request that no parent-teacher conferences be held on the day of a presidential election. The Board will place this issue on the April meeting agenda. FCRC asked if there would be a dedicated line for candidates or parties for the March 1 election. Mr. Sasnett responded that his direct phone number should be used. FCRC verified that authorization for pollwatchers for the provisional ballot meeting should be issued by one of the candidates. A concern was raised that the number of authorized observers might be hard to accommodate around the canvass tables. Mr. Hunt commented that more than likely only two to four candidate observers would probably attend, and only if the race is close. A sign will be posted in the polling locations listing the withdrawal of Lindsey Graham. Even though other candidates have suspended their campaigns, they have not submitted an official notification of withdrawal to SBE. A copy of this signage will be provided to the political parties