Các Trường Công Quận Fairfax Sẽ Mở Cửa 2 Tiếng Trễ Ngày 13 tháng 12 và Các Văn Phòng Sẽ Mở Cửa Lúc 10 Giờ Sáng

Theo tin Trường Công Quận Fairfax


Các trường và các văn phòng thuộc FCPS sẽ mở cửa hai tiếng trễ hôm nay; văn phòng trung ương sẽ mở cửa lúc 10 giờ sáng

FCPS schools open two hours late and school offices open on time

Due to power outages and road closures, all Fairfax County public schools will open two hours late today. School offices and central offices will open on time. (Condition 3B)

Morning preschool (special education) classes are canceled.
Afternoon preschool classes start on their regular schedule.
Full-day preschool (special education) and Family and Early Childhood Education Program-Head Start classes start two hours later than the regular schedule.
Morning field trips are canceled.
SACC centers will open at 7 a.m.
Morning transportation for high school academy classes is canceled. Transportation for afternoon academy classes will be provided.
Adult and community education classes will start on time.
Conditions will be reassessed as necessary.