Leaf Mulch Loading Day in City of Falls Church: Saturday, April 1, 2017

Theo nguồn tin trên mạng của Thành phố Falls Church

WHEN: April 1, 2017 from 7 AM to 2 PM

WHERE: 217 Gordon Road, Falls Church, VA 22046

CONTACT: 703-248-5160 (TTY 711)

EMAIL: recycling@fallschurchva.gov

COST: Free

WEBSITE: http://www.fallschurchva.gov/429/Leaf-Mulch

Leaf Mulch Loading Day
Saturday, April 1, 2017

City staff uses heavy equipment to load open bed vehicles with our high quality, free double-ground leaf mulch and hard-wood mulch.

The City of Falls Church Operations staff uses heavy equipment to load open bed vehicles with our high quality leaf mulch. Participants must sign a waiver prior to loading.

If you miss Leaf Mulch Load Day, you may pick-up mulch via self-service at the Recycling Center between 7 a.m. and dusk, 7 days a week with your own containers, shovels, or pitchforks to haul away the mulch.

The leaf mulch is the end-product of 5,000 cubic yards of leaves vacuumed from city streets in the autumn. Removing and recycling the leaves into mulch provides a far more cost-effective solution than hauling and disposing of them. This practice also benefits the environment; leaf mulch naturally:

Turns clay-rich soil into nutrient-rich soil, making it healthier for trees and plants

Releases water into the soil at a slow rate

Creates zero waste in the process